Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. - Proverbs 31:10

Sisters, Servants, Soldiers . . . . in Christ

Worldwide Women’s Ministry

Overseen by the Elders of Anderson Bend Church of Christ

Sheila K. Butt, Women’s Director

“Sisters, Servants, Soldiers” is a dynamic ministry that co-ordinates, facilitates and supports the Biblical teaching of women teaching other women in the United States and foreign countries. The ministry emphasizes personal spiritual growth, the need for teaching new converts, the need for teaching preacher’s wives and the need for abundant use of the God-given talents of women for the growth of the Lord’s Church. The ministry mobilizes and supports women to teach in mission fields both at home and abroad, at our schools of Biblical studies and preacher training schools (wive’s and women’s classes) throughout the world and motivates and supports women to teach in Lectureships, Ladies’ Days and Seminars.

Paul commands that older women teach the younger women. Historically, this has often been overlooked, seen as a side note, or not enthusiastically supported by our churches of Christ. Like Lydia in Antioch, women are often the first converts when the Gospel is preached in a new area. These women desperately need the love, guidance and wisdom of knowledgeable, strong, Christian women.

Just this year I have been invited to teach in Jamaica, the Philippines, New Zealand and India. The need is urgent! The church needs strong, knowledgeable Christian women who are willing to go where the needs are and work in the Kingdom.

Timing is critical. Women are looking for exciting avenues of service and fulfillment within His plan for our lives. I am fully committed to motivating, mobilizing and encouraging my sisters worldwide to serve Him to the best of their abilities and helping them with the resources to do that. Will you join this exciting, invigorating challenge?

The need is great! 

Contact Information for Sheila Butt:

P.O. Box 1283
Columbia, TN 38402-1283