Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. - Proverbs 31:10

Video Lessons


Seeking Spiritual Beauty


The following lessons by Sheila Keckler Butt are a great tool for ladies Bible class or for personal study. The lessons are designed as an encouragement and source of strength for women who are not satisfied with the world’s standard of beauty and who are truly seeking to please the Master.

*The programs are taught by and intended for women.



1. The Eyes of the Beholder | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

Spiritual beauty is striving to be Christ-like. It is found in all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. Spiritual beauty is most important in the eyes of the most important beholder: our Lord, our God, and our King. Join Sheila Butt in this program as she discusses the importance of attaining spiritual beauty.    Length: 36:41



2. Our Adornment | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

The Bible gives us a standard by which to measure what we are to do in this world. As Christian women, are we striving in our adornment to please God or are we reflecting the prince of this world? In this lesson, Sheila Butt presents how we can be pleasing to God through our godly actions and attitude.    Length: 40:43



3. What Women These Christians Have! | Seeking Spiritual Beauty
When the world looks as us as Christian women, what do they see? Through our dress, actions, and words, we should be reflecting Christ so that the world God’s love. Join Sheila Butt in this lesson as she discusses how we can be noticed by the world as different and set apart in a godly manner.    Length: 34:48



4. In His Image | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

Understanding our importance to God can help us grow spiritual. In this fourth lesson in Sheila Butt’s program “Seeking Spiritual Beauty,” she takes an in-depth look at what it means to be made in His image.    Length: 36:50



5. Open Heart Open Home | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

All of our possessions (our home, our family, our belongings) should be used to bring glory to God. As Christian mothers, wives, and daughters we should use every opportunity God gives us to bring our families closer to Him. Join Sheila Butt as she discusses practical ways we, as Christian women, can influence our family for good and encourage them lead Godly lives.   Length: 37:50


6. Do You Love Me Enough? | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

Do you show your love for Jesus in all areas of your life and in all your actions? Do you show your love for Christ by loving your brothers and sisters in Christ like Christ loves them? In this lesson, Sheila Butt discusses how we, as Christian women, can show Christ-like love in every aspect of our lives.    Length: 38:12



7. Building Her House | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

Proverbs 14:1 states, “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” Our actions and choices determine whether or not our houses will abide. Join Sheila Butt in this lesson as she teaches on how to build up our houses in a godly manner according to the Scriptures.    Length: 35:07


8. In the World, Not of the World | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

Christ told us to live in the world, but not be part of the world. How is one to do that? In the lesson, Sheila Butt takes an in-depth biblical look at how we can be Christians and hold fast to our values in the midst of of an ungodly world.    Length: 35:29


9. Walking at Liberty | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

As Christians, we have spiritual liberty that grants us freedom and peace. We don’t need to spend our lives looking for fortune and fame because as Christians we know how worthless those things will be in eternity. Join Sheila Butt as she examines what it means to have spiritual liberty in Christ.    Length: 36:28



10. Real Life and Godliness | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

Most of the world is confused by the true meaning of life and godliness. However, when the Bible is used as our standard of living, we have a crystal clear picture of what God expects of us. Join Sheila Butt in this lesson as she discusses how we can make sure godliness is in every part of our lives.    Length: 38:14



11. Seeking Spiritual Beauty in the Church | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

As Christian ladies, we have so much to offer the Lord’s Kingdom–the church. God has given each of us unique talents and abilities that we can use to glorify Him. In this lesson, Sheila Butt takes an in-depth biblical look at the role that God has given women in the church and how we can use these abilities to honor God and bring others to Christ.    Length: 37:20



12. The Whole Ball of Wax | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

God wants us to live godly, content lives. When we do, all spiritual and physical things will have the right perspective. In this concluding lesson, Sheila Butt presents the benefits of living a life with godly contentment.    Length: 33:59