Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. - Proverbs 31:10

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Everyday Princess: Daughter of the King


Wouldn’t it be awesome to be a real princess…not just for a day or for a month, but for everyday…forever?! God invites us to be just that, and then gives us the perfect instruction manual for becoming His child and living like a courageous daughter of The King. The life of a genuine princess comes with great responsibility and fantastic reward! When we study the Word of God and apply it to our lives, we show the world what a child of God really can be. A daughter of The King lives her life doing what Jesus, the Son of God, would do. However, a true princess realizes that because she is the daughter of The King she will often be treated like His Son was treated. A daughter of God is secure in knowing that she was made in God’s image and that He is the first love in her life. There are very few things quite as stunning or as powerful as an Everyday Princess: Daughter of The King!

*The programs are taught by and intended for women.


1. My First Love | Everyday Princess

As a teenage girl, with so many challenging and worldly events, sometimes it can be hard to believe in God. However, we need to remember that we are daughters of the heavenly king, ruler of the universe. God wants to be the first love of our life. If we give Him our hearts, He will allow physical blessings to follow. Join Sheila Butt as she encourages young Christian ladies to live a life faithful and obedient to God.    Length: 32:37



2. Am I Beautiful? | Everyday Princess

As Christian young ladies, we should be striving for purity and modesty, as given in God’s word. We should not allow the world to dictate how we dress. The Bible says that our bodies are a holy temple, because of that how we dress and act reflects our love for the Lord. In this lesson, Sheila Butt helps girls better understand the importance of thinking, acting, and dressing in a way that honors God and their bodies.   Length: 33:24



3. Did I Say That? | Everyday Princess

Our words are powerful. Whether through gossip, foul language, or coarse words we can injure another person’s spirit and inflict irreversible damage. God wants us to lift each other up and to be encouraging with our words. The more you learn to control what you say, the more blessed your life will be. Join Sheila Butt as she encourages young ladies to be mindful of their words and their intent towards others.    Length: 34:49



4. Am I Strong Enough To Survive? | Everyday Princess

With cyber-bullying on the rise and gossip a rampart part of most teens’ lives, staying the Christian course may sometimes seem like a daunting task. As Christian young ladies, we are faced everyday with challenging situations, some that may make us question our worth. But knowing that God and Jesus love you can make all the difference. Join Sheila Butt in this lesson as she helps to fortify our faith as Christian girls.    Length: 31:55



5. But Everyone’s Going! | Everyday Princess

From junior high on, social events, such as parties, can be a big deal to a young lady. However many times, drugs, alcohol, and sex take place at these events. It can feel difficult to stand up for your beliefs when so many of your peers are doing the very opposite. Sometimes when you make godly, moral decisions you’re going to be considered an outsider. In this lesson, Sheila Butt encourages Christian young ladies to stand firm in their faith and godly morals, even when it may seem everyone else is not.    Length: 36:13



6. Of Course I Know What Sex Is… What’s the Big Deal? | Everyday Princess

God designed sex as an emotional bond between two married people. Unfortunately, this is often the polar opposite of what is taught by our society. Join Sheila Butt as she implores Christian young ladies to follow God’s word and live the pure, wholesome life He intended.     Length: 35:08